Gender, Generation, and Fertilizer Use

Véronique Thériault, Melinda Smale, Alpha Kergna, Steve Haggblade, Bino Témé et Abdramane Traoré. 2016. Gender, Generation, and Fertilizer Use. Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Food Security Policy Research Brief 22 - EN. East Lansing: Michigan State University


  1. Fertilizer use rates (% and kg/ha) are higher on maize plots than on sorghum plots.
  2. Fertilizers are more often applied on collective (%) than on individual plots.
  3. Fertilizer use rates (kg/ha) are lower on plots managed by youth.
  4. The fertilizer subsidy program favors maize production and consequently men as they grow maize more often than women do.
  5. Access to both markets and farmer associations promotes fertilizer use.

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