FSP Zambia, Bi-annual Report, December 2016


The Zambia buy-in to the Innovation Lab of Food Security Policy (FSP) compliments core BFS funds to enable Michigan State University (MSU) to continue its long-term efforts to enhance food and agricultural policy engagement in Zambia. The primary mechanism by which this occurs is through capacity building of Indaba Agricultural Policy Research Institute (IAPRI).

This award is built on three pillars:
1) Enhance IAPRI’s technical capacity to conduct and disseminate high quality socio-economic research, with a particular emphasis on publishing research findings through international peer-review journals;
2) Support IAPRI’s capacity to engage in regional policy debates, and;

3) Strengthen IAPRI’s capacity to conduct high caliber research in thematic areas relevant to USAID’s expending portfolio in natural resource management, regional trade, nutrition, and gender studies, with particular emphasis on using new methodical approaches.

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