Why the US Has a Lot to Gain from Investing in Africa’s Agri-food Systems

By Thomas Jayne, Isaac Minde and Chance Kabaghe

The Conversation page

The US’s incoming administration has an historic opportunity to extend America’s global leadership by promoting the economic transformations underway in Africa. An effective US strategy would be based on the fact that Africa’s development still greatly depends on the performance of its agri-food systems.

An effective US government approach will need to recognise the dramatic changes in the African landscape over the past few decades with respect to partnerships.

... the main thrust of a new approach to development assistance in Africa should be to shift the role of US organisations. Instead of providing the technologies, services and answers themselves they should help African organisations to do so.

The Conversation, February 1, 2017

See the Full Report commissioned by the Farm House Foundation and presented at the US Senate and House Ag Committees on February 1, 2017: “Enhancing United States Efforts to Develop Sustainable Agri-food Systems in Africa.”