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FSP in Tanzania works toward the Agricultural Sector Policy and Institutional Reform Strengthening (ASPIRES) project. Its goal is to accelerate Tanzania’s adoption of more effective policies and programs to drive broad-based agricultural sector growth, improve household food security and nutrition, and reduce poverty.

Tanzania has achieved rapid economic growth over the past decade.  Yet smallholder farmer productivity remains low, and rural poverty, malnutrition, and inequality remain pervasive. Key contributors to this situation are under-provision of basic public goods; an unpredictable policy environment; and limited voice for private sector and civil society in the policy-making process.  Redressing these problems is necessary to create an enabling environment for inclusive, broad-based, and sustained agricultural sector growth.

Local Partners:
Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries (MALF)
International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA)
President’s Office – Regional Administration and Local Government (PO-RALG)
The Policy Analysis Group (PAG)

Funding Partners:
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for GISAIA:Tanzania ''
USAID through Feed The Future Sustainable Intensification Innovation Lab: Tanzania.

Related Activities:
Global Change Learning Lab in sub-Saharan Africa

Status: Core-funded Activities and Buy-In Mission
Funding Dates: 2016-19
Name of the Project: Agriculture Sector Policy and Institutional Reforms Strengthening (ASPIRES)

Components: C1-C2, C4
Themes: Nutrition and Gender

Project Leaders:
Xinshen Diao, Deputy Division Director, DSG, IFPRI
David Tschirley, Professor, International Development and co-Principal Investigator, (based on MSU campus)

  • T.S. Jayne and Holger Kray 04/10/2018

    7 Unmistakable Signs of Agri-food Systems Transformation in Africa

    It's happening, and offers many investment opportunities. A seminar by Jayne & Kray, Ministry of Agriculture, Gvt of Tanzania, April 10, 2018

  • Elizabeth Mwambulukutu and David Nyange 02/16/2018

    4th Annual Agricultural Policy Conference in Tanzania

    Theme: Integrating Food and Nutrition Security into Economic Transformation and Industrialization Agenda in Tanzania, 14–16 February 2018, Dodoma, Tanzania

  • Elizabeth Mwambulukutu, David Nyange, Isaac Minde, and Elisabeth Paymal 12/08/2017

    From Paper to Digital: E-Payment Benefits Local Governments and Taxpayers

    Tanzania’s Local Government Authorities (LGAs) had been using a paper and pen system to process taxes for years but it was very difficult to monitor the local tax collection The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Food Security Policy’s Agricultural Sector Policy and Institutional Reform Strengthening (ASPIRES) recommended the government of Tanzania to implement an e-payment system. It has proven transparent, reliable, and more efficient for both the Local Government Authorities and the taxpayers.