Nigeria Visiting Scholars Program

Feed the Future Nigeria Agricultural Policy Project launched its Visiting Scholars Program in 2016, with its first students being enrolled at MSU in the Fall. One of the goals of the program is to strengthen food security policy expertise in Nigeria. This USAID visiting scholars program initiative seeks to organize and institute direct training collaborations between researchers at MSU/IFPRI, and Nigerian scholars. Nigerian graduate students, their research advisors and MSU/IFPRI researchers constitute research teams to work on specific topics. Current topics include climate change impacts and the Nigerian poultry value chain.


The Feed the Future Nigeria Agricultural Policy Project is pleased to announce that for the academic year 2018 (August 2018–May 2019), FIVE graduate student visiting scholar positions are on offer: 3 at the Masters level and 2 at the PhD level. The Masters Level positions will be awarded for a maximum 1 semester, and the PhD Level, a maximum of 2 semesters. The student’s primary research supervisor (from a Nigerian University) is expected to actively participate in the program. The advisor will be invited (and funded) to visit MSU for a period not exceeding 30 calendar days.

The submission deadline is January 10, 2018. Please review the following documents.
If you meet the criteria and are interested, please submit the materials as specified in the documents below.

o   Appendix A: Ongoing and likely Research Topics of the Feed the Future Nigeria Agricultural Policy Project
o   Appendix B: Feed the Future Nigeria Agricultural Policy Project Scholar Responsibilities
o   Appendix C: Conditions of Sponsorship for U.S.-Based Activities
o   Appendix D: Participants Attending US Programs

VIDEO: The Nigeria Agricultural Policy Project Visiting Scholars Program

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