Nigeria Featured Stories

  • Laura Schmitt Olabisi and Saweda Liverpool-Tasie 06/04/2018

    Climate Change and Food Security: Threats and Hopes for Nigeria

    By Laura Schmitt Olabisi and Saweda Liverpool-Tasie: "We’ve gotten used to the looks on farmers’ faces by now—shaking heads, looking to the sky as if for an explanation, frowning worriedly. The rains aren’t the same as they used to be, they tell us. ...."

  • Saweda Liverpool-Tasie 05/10/2018

    Nigerian Visiting Scholar’s Program Hosts Three Faculty on MSU Campus

    The chief objectives of the professors’ visit was to monitor the progress of their students and to interact with MSU faculty in areas of mutual interest.

  • Ben Belton and Saweda Liverpool-Tasie 03/01/2018

    The Economist: How the Growth of Cities Changes Farming

    Ben Belton and Saweda Liverpool-Tasie in The Economist, Feb 15, 2018

  • Oyinkansola Tasie, Saweda Liverpool-Tasie, and Elisabeth Paymal 02/16/2018

    Aflatoxins Jeopardize Food Safety and Entrepreneurial Food Processing Opportunities in Nigeria

    Aflatoxins make their way into numerous locally produced and processed maize based food items.

  • Oyinkansola Tasie, Saweda Liverpool-Tasie, and Elisabeth Paymal 12/10/2017

    From Data Collection to Policy Implementation

    To better understand how to maximize the potential of a cash crop such as rice, and to prioritize policy actions, data have been collected by the government agencies in Nigeria, but sound analysis of this data at the State level to guide policies has been lacking. In response to this capacity building need at local government level, Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Food Security Policy (FSP), Nigeria Agricultural Policy Project, has designed and offered a series of training workshops for state government staff. These resulted in the publication and dissemination of policy notes to inform the government and executive policy makers.

  • Nigeria Agricultural Policy Project Team 03/17/2017

    Capacity Building Is a Non-linear Process: Building Networks for Better Research

    In line with the project objectives to strengthen the role of research in the policy process and to build needed research capacity, researchers at Michigan State University and several tertiary institutions in Nigeria worked in teams to submit grant proposals for research work in Nigeria under the MSU led Alliance for African Partnership (AAP).

  • Saweda Liverpool-Tasie 03/08/2017

    Training of Ministries of Agriculture staff from 34 of Nigeria’s 36 States and FCT

    The Nigeria Agricultural Policy Project organized a training on data analysis and presentation in Abuja, March 7–8, 2017.

  • Nigeria Agricultural Policy Project Team 02/17/2017

    VIDEO: The Nigeria Agricultural Policy Project Visiting Scholars’ Program

    An introduction to the Nigeria Agricultural Policy Project Scholars' Program, featuring its 2016-2017 students studying at MSU.

  • Saweda Liverpool-Tasie, Bolarin Omonona, Awa Sanou, Wale Ogunleye, Samantha Padilla, Thomas Reardon 01/03/2017

    Chicken and Egg in Nigeria: A Dynamic Economic Subsector

    Nigerian poultry subsector is experiencing major transformations. In just one decade, the quantity of feed used in Nigeria skyrocketed from 300 thousand to 1.8 million tons – a 600% increase! Our study shows that increased consumption of poultry products is occurring alongside rapid urbanization and growth in the poultry industry with active engagement by a much broader set of actors than traditionally perceived. With national concerns about broad based employment and female empowerment we find young adults, retired people and women to be actively engaged in the sector.

  • Oyinkan Tasie 10/20/2016

    Feed the Future Nigeria Agricultural Policy Project Invited to High Level Consultation in Washington

    The Feed the Future Nigeria Agricultural Policy Project was contacted by United States Institute of Peace to participate in a high-level consultation involving 19 state governors from Northern Nigeria in Washington, D.C.