Digging for samples of soil (photo: Napas:Malawi library)
Digging for samples of soil (photo: Napas:Malawi library)

The twin objectives of the NAPAS: Malawi project are to improve the agriculture investment climate in Malawi and to enable increased commercialization of Malawi’s agricultural sector.

In order to enable substantial progress to be made towards these objectives, the project has three technical components:

    1. Provide technical support for policy formulation;
    2. Engage in communication activities to inform debate on agriculture and food security policy issues, and
    3. Address gaps in analytical expertise constraining agricultural policy reform

NAPAS: Malawi Project Brochure

University of Pretoria
AMG Global

Related Activities:
Global Change Learning Lab in sub-Saharan Africa

Status: Core-funded Activities and Associate Award
Funding Dates: November 2014-September 2017
Previous Fundings: From FSP core
Name of the Project:
New Alliance Policy Acceleration Support: Malawi project (NAPAS: Malawi)

Components: C1-C2, C3, C4
Themes: Gender, Nutrition, Climate Change, Youth Employment

Project Leaders:
Flora Nankhuni, Chief of Party and Associate Professor, International Development, MSU

Todd Benson, Senior Research Fellow, IFPRI
Sheryl Hendriks, Director of the Food, Nutrition and Well-being, University of Pretoria


  • Flora Nankhuni and Paida Mpaso 02/12/2018

    Malawi Land Symposium video

    The 2016 Malawi Land Symposium summerized in a video, told by Flora Nankhuni, FSP NAPAS: Malawi Chief of Party.

  • Flora Nankhuni and Athur Mabiso 12/20/2017

    Malawi’s National Agriculture Policy: How a Policy Reform Comes About

    FSP NAPAS: Malawi supported Malawi’s Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development in developing the National Agriculture Policy. This reform aims to transform the national agricultural sector from subsistence to commercial farming. FSP NAPAS: Malawi supported the Ministry by organizing multiple and extensive stakeholder consultations. It also contributed to data collection and analysis to support its recommendations.

  • Paida Mpaso 10/23/2017

    VIDEO - Encouraging and Strengthening Cooperatives

    A video to promote the creation of cooperatives