This section presents FSP outputs based on studies from several countries. This work identifies socio-economic mega-trends and issues that affect food security in sub-Saharan Africa at the regional level.

  • Paymal, Elisabeth 03/14/2018

    What Is a Value Chain? The Example of Aquaculture

    Aquaculture (fish farming) is a fast growing economic sector in SE Asia. Farmed fish is an integral part of the poor diet, and contributes to food security.

  • Thomas Jayne 03/02/2018

    FSP Researchers Lead Special JDS Issue

    FSP C4a (Upstream Global Research Policy) leader T. Jayne, and collaborators, are guest editors of a special issue of the Journal of Development Studies.

  • David Tschirley 12/03/2017

    A Global Food Security Symposium

    FSP’s downstream and upstream food system transformation team organized symposium: "Changing food systems and nutrition: Do we have the concepts and data to understand, track, and anticipate the links?"