Burma/Myanmar Featured Stories

  • Burma Group 03/18/2017

    Off-farm Employment around Yangon: Survey Results

    Off-farm employment is the sole source of earnings for 56% rural households around Yangon and it provides 78% of rural households income.

  • Myat Thida Win and Aye Mya Thinzar 01/05/2017

    The Acceleration of Mechanization in the Agricultural Sector

    Factors toward Agricultural Mechanization in Burma

  • Burma Group 01/05/2017

    Rural Development Strategy for Mon State

    Recommendations toward a rural development strategy for Mon State based on analysis of current evidence.

  • Ben Belton, Aung Hein, Kyan Htoo, L. Seng Kham, Ulrike Nischan, Thomas Reardon, Duncan Boughton 01/05/2017

    Aquaculture Value Chain in Burma

    In Myanmar, fish is the leading purveyor of animal protein and the lead provider of micronutrients, important especially for child development. Nearly as much is spent on fish (14% of food expenditure) as on rice (19% of food expenditure).