C4a. Upstream Global Research Policy

Engagement in Global Research-Policy Debates

Mechanical threshing in BurmaC4 work addresses the entire agrifood system, including “upstream” policy issues that affect on-farm production and practices (C4a), and “downstream” policy issues that affect players along the value chain, from the farmgate to the plate (C4b).

C4a: Agrifood System Transformation in the Upstream: Land Dynamics, Land Governance, Fertilizer and Soil Fertility, Mechanization and Implications for Rural Employment

The topics addressed in this sub-activity are highly inter‐related. They range from changing farmland ownership and use structure, implications of rising land prices in many areas of Africa, shifts in technologies (e.g., mechanization), fertilizer promotion strategies, sustainable intensification issues, youth employment, and market responses to these changing dynamics.

Photo: Mechanical threshing in Burma (credit: Benjamin Belton)

  • David Tschirley 12/03/2017

    A Global Food Security Symposium

    FSP’s downstream and upstream food system transformation team organized symposium: "Changing food systems and nutrition: Do we have the concepts and data to understand, track, and anticipate the links?"

  • Paymal, Elisabeth 11/13/2017

    Causes and Consequences of Changing Farm Size Distribution

    FSP C4a Thomas Jayne will present "The Rise of Medium-Scale Farms in Africa" at the World Bank Group's webinar, Thursday, Nov. 16.

  • Thomas Jayne and Kwame Yeboah 10/31/2017

    Feed the Future Interviews FSP Scientists

    Thom Jayne and Kwame Yeboah (C4), report on their research about youth in agriculture in Africa, and make recommendations.