Feeding on Farm Fish

Aquaculture sector is fast developing in Myanmar and South East Asia. What are the nutritional differences between farm fish and wild fish? It's about micronutrients. An FSP blog on Agrilinks.

How Cities Reshape Food Systems

The explosive growth of cities and the rapid emergence of an urban middle class are driving changes in food production and consumption in developing countries: A new book chapter by FSP team.

Aquaculture in Myanmar: A survey

Fish farming plays an increasingly important role in Myanmar fish supply. This survey results provide a comprehensive ‘benchmark’ of the characteristics of inland aquaculture and provides policy recommendations.

More and Better Jobs for Youth in Agrifood System

VIDEO: By 2050, it is estimated that 864 million people in Africa will live in cities, and 10 million young people will join the labor market every year. What implications? Can the agrifood sector development be the solution?